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My Original Character: Aela-Aeraen (Ulrich) by aranek9634 My Original Character: Aela-Aeraen (Ulrich) :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 0 My Original Character: Aenaes (Derek Leo) by aranek9634 My Original Character: Aenaes (Derek Leo) :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 0 My Original Character: Emeran by aranek9634 My Original Character: Emeran :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 0 Elf Sketchdump by aranek9634 Elf Sketchdump :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 1 5 Arashi by aranek9634 Arashi :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 3 eye tutorial 1 by aranek9634 eye tutorial 1 :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 5
The Concords of Death: Ulrich's Last Moments...
Ulrich swung at Masaka with his heavy blade. His electrical energy magnetizing to his blade, he drew a deep gash into Masaka's right shoulder and collar bone. The shock ran through Masaka's body and his skin greyed a little. His eyes flashing with pain, his reflexes and instinct guided his next blow. Ulrich's rage threw him in for a second attack. Within Ulrich's second attack, Masaka ran his fingernails straight into Ulrich's eyes.
Ulrich thrust himself back and away from Masaka in reaction to the pain. Staggering, he sank to his knees, the blood quickly gushing from his face.
Masaka grinned and swaggered forward towards Ulrich.
"It's over for you, my friend."
 He grabbed Ulrich by the throat. SHUNK!! His blade ran Ulrich through at an angle through his sternum, left lung, and his heart. The blade went in fast and hard, and went out just as quickly and aggressively.
Ulrich let out his previous breath and wheezed trying to catch another breath, bu
:iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 1
Quotes of the agonized.
Remember who you are inside...
                                                Remember who you are inside...
When you live for so long, your years seem to collide.
Dreams can, and will escape you, if you do not hold them tightly.
                        Dreams will escape you... hold them tight. ~~NACHRON
When your chest tightens at the thought of becoming nothing, what does your instinct scream for? We all fear becoming nothing. Our essence is eternal, but what do you think happens when your heart withers away and your mind shatters?
:iconaranek9634:aranek9634 1 1
This Is our Final Desperate Prayers: Don'tForgetUs
When our lives together began, there were only a few of us. As "time" went on, there became more of us. Then the generations grew and grew more dangerous-- destructive. to others and more importantly themselves.
now very little is known about us...
This is our Final Desperate Prayers, please, don't forget about us. 
:iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 2
terror among the tears 2
Nachron's laughter abruptly stopped. The shock slowly sank its fangs in deep. His eyes softened. Nachron hugged onto the corpse burying his head into Ulrich's unmoving chest. With the heat leaving Ulrich, Nachron sobbed. Not yet... Don't leave us yet, Brother. Nachron wouldn't let go of Ulrich's corpse. Arythean slowly paced over to Nachron, his own feet weighted down by sorrow.
"Nachron... It's over, let him go."
Arythean knelt next to Nachron and the corpse. He bit his lip, and tried blinking back the tears but failed. He glanced up at Ulrich's pale face and stroked his cheek. Damn... Arythean pressed his hand over Ulrich's eyelids closing them. Arythean turned his head back towards the others standing in the distance.
Crystallia was clenching into Azeren, trembling and sobbing. Isiah stood paralyzed, wide-eyed, and dazed. There was no time between the attack and Ulrich taking his last breath, that the doctor could even think about trying to save his quickly dying
:iconaranek9634:aranek9634 2 3
terror among the tears
Nachron ran towards Ulrich's lifeless body.
"don't die!"
steaming hot tears ran down his cheeks. "Damn it. Don't you die on me, you-- you son of a--" he choked on his words as he started laughing. The irony was as ugly as the dead body in front of him.
:iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 3
blue-green eyes, not green.
Crystallia's concentration broke. "Taze?? you-- your eyes... they're not green..." Taze looked up startled. "No... they're not. Not truly. they're blue-green. I'm one of the pure bloods like you."
:iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 0
Ariel AKA Namida Arieru by aranek9634 Ariel AKA Namida Arieru :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 3 EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! by aranek9634 EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconaranek9634:aranek9634 0 0


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I just need someone in my life that cares about me the way I do about them. I'm so sick of everything that happens in my life. So tired of giving everything. Bleeding until there's nothing left to bleed. 
369 deviations
I live my life being afraid of failing everything I do. I don't get careless about things that could make or break my life. I care too much. I try my best to hold onto everything and everyone and every opportunity I get, but somehow I always manage to piss someone off or screw myself over. I am flawed. I try to fix my flaws, but somehow, I feel like no one is ever satisfied with that. even myself. I have heard that trying too hard messes things up, but what happens to those that get complacent and careless? it seems most people benefit from the "don't give a damn" attitude. that screws me over even more when I try it, so if neither has worked so far, what will? I've never seen a balance exist between the two. It's unrealistic to think that such a thing exists. caring too much isn't working but neither does not caring. Everything is making me feel empty and like my life isn't going to go anywhere. I am going through a lot in my life right now and I don't know what will help. My health has never been good. I don't know if I can work enough to get medical insurance. I am trying to keep the job I have, but honestly, I don't know how well I am really doing. I have faith in the people that have told me I am doing fine, but I also know those standards are always subject to change. It becomes habitual that I become overcautious and it wrecks me. I am not paranoid or crazy (no, I don't believe the world is out to get me. I just know there's alot of imbalances in my life that I can't seem to get rid of at the moment...), I just tend to think hypercritically of situations and how my life is. I don't know how to conquer it. It's just always plagued me. I think I need to support myself and be self sufficient, but I am not sure what is right for me in this world yet. I hope the inspiration and capable decision comes to me soon, because I am at a near permanent breaking point. I need things to balance out in my life. I know I have to start the change, I just need it to continue going well after I start it and not fall apart like usual. None of my other changes are really making me happy, I just know I have to do it so I am not ruining relationships.
  • Listening to: the silent echo hurts more than anything else.
  • Watching: The Wind
  • Eating: Donuts
  • Drinking: Mt. Dew Code Red


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